Europe Tour 2017

Manjeet Singh Ferozepuria provided turban-tying training in 10 European countries 2017

Manjeet Singh Ferozepuria, who is known worldwide for his turban-tying training skill, recently visited 10 European countries and provided coaching to the local residents there turban-tying. This time the opportunity to Manjeet Singh Ferozepuria of providing training in European countries was rendered by S a r d a r B a l w i n d e r S i n g h Gurdaspuria. Manjeet started this training spree from the German city Hamburg and concluded at the Sweden city Stockholm. In between, Manjeet held turban-tying training sessions at Warsaw (Poland), Mantova (Italy), Seemadhari (Greece), Barcelona (Spain), Sint Truiden (Belgium) Paris (France), Oslo (Norway) and Copenhagen (Denmark). Manjeet said zeal to learn writ large turban-tying was on the faces of the learners. He further said a large number of youngsters there learnt the started tips. Manjeet and honing skills of turban-tying started Ferozepuria Dastar Academy at Bathinda. Manjeet’s efforts started bearing fruit and as a sequel to it, Manjeet’s popularity started transcending border of Bathinda. Manjeet never looked back and now he is regularly invited not only from different States of India, but also from foreign lands for teaching the art of turban-tying. According to Manjeet Singh, about 25,000 people attended the training session in Norway. Surprisingly, out of them about 5,000 were Punjabi and the rest w e r e l o c a l white inhabitants I n a m a j o r surprise, the govt in Oslo announced that anyone white travelling by train to the airport wearing a turban on the Turban day, no fare would be charged from him

Manjeet hit headlines in newspapers when he tied a turban straddling two motorcycles during the international kabaddi match, 2013. The crowd gave him a standing ovation. Manjeet has till R now trained more than 65,000 people for turban-tying.

Manjeet’s popularity can be gauged from this fact that he has 11.6 lakh follow ers on the Facebook. Manjeet gets requests not only from Sikh boys and girls for turban-tying on special occasions but also from the Hindu grooms.

Turban tying competition Indore news

Indore A total of 380 t youths participated in a turban tying competition organised at ore, a city of Madhya Pradesh. This 1-day c o m p e titi o n w a s conducted under the banner of BJP led by Rishi Raj Khanuja, who is Office Minister of BJP Yuva Morcha This. turban tying competition was first not only at Indore but in the whole of Madhya Pradesh, said Khanuja. This contest was organised in 3 categories and in each category a total of 4 winners were declared Every participant was given away a turban as a consolation prize. The motive behind this contest wasth at awareness about the turban should be spread and its importance should be disseminated among all sections of the society. Manjeet Singh Ferozepuria, who is known worldwide for h i s turban tying training skill, was a Judge of this contest. Ferozpuria h a d recently visited 10 European countries and provided coaching to the local residents there in turban-tying.

Best Turban Trainer 2016 News

Sardar Manjeet Singh , Ferozpuria turban training centre, is a known name in Amritsar And Bathinda city and we are serving people since 2007. Worked as an Artist in some movies and also tied Turbans to so many famous Pollywood & Bollywood actors and actresses.

we serve our clients at their family functions, marriage parties, song/movie shoots & on other occassions as well too on demand.

There are several styles of Sikh turban worn by people like Niku style (8.3 meters long),

Daljit style (6.5 meters),

Patiala Shahi (7.5 meters),

NRI style (5.5 meters),

American style and African style.

Other famous styles are Morni Dastar, Barnala Dastar, Watta Wali Dastar, Patiala Shahi Dastar, Amritsar Shahi Dastar.

The most famous trend nowadays is Morni Dastar. The Last Larh is given a “V” shape with the help of Turban Pin.

Some turban training centres also provide training in Dumalla style, which is basic attire for all the baptized Sikhs. Nowadays Many Sabat Surat Turban Trainers/Tyers have been a great inspiration for Sabat Surat Sikh Youth and other clean shaven guys to wear Dastar to keep hair back and reject Caps.

Many Turban Trainers launch Turban Training Camps for some weeks in Non-Punjab States like Delhi rarely for those Sikhs who have problem in wearing Turbans of Perfect Style. Turban Training and Turban Tying Centres are mostly opened in many big cities of Punjab like Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Bathinda, Patiala, Amritsar and this trend has become quite popular these days among Sikh Youth in Punjab to learn the art of wearing Perfect Turban.

All colors of Turban with Pikko Ready available.

All style of Turbans for Hindus for all occasions.

Pocket Secure  Tie

Bow Tie

Fifties Patiala Style

Fifties Simple

Designer Kalgi

Sherwani on Rent

Sehra & Lehenga on rent for Wedding Purposes.

Hindu Wedding (Broach)


Goggles (A)

Chek Parna

Chand Toda of Dumala, Shingaar

All other accessories.

Ferozpuria Dastar Academy Amritsar ,

Ferozpuria Turban training Centre

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