The Vibrant and Loving “Turbanator”

Manjeet Singh Ferozpuria: The Vibrant and Loving “Turbanator” 

The unique relation between Culture and us

Culture often confuses people who come to think of it merely as a colorful specter to view life around them. But, it isn’t always the case when one comes to view the grandness, largeness and ambiguity of culture. It isn’t a simple fragment but a grand insight into the many lives that are shaped by it.

One of the startling examples of how a common, everyday man living in the happy-go-lucky heartland of India came to reshape his identity and that of the people who looked up to him from a normal common perspective.

Today, living amidst the joyous and jolly good natured denizens of Ferozepur, is the highly successful and self made youngster, Manjeet Singh Ferozepuria. Born in Mallu Wala Village, a hitherto lesser known district at Inner-Punjab, Manjeet’s transformation from being literally a nobody to running a charming business, one focused and constructed on the straddle of an important cultural impediment of India is a dreamy journey but, at the same time a motivating story.

Understanding the Sikh way of life

A Sikh, young and peppy, dreamy-eyed and determined, Manjeet was since the early childhood years drawn to the colorful and enigmatic cultural life of “Sardaars”, as the Sikhas are popularly called in India. He had to his credit a grounded and modest family but one whose pious Sikh upbringing cultivated in the young man a devoted love for the Sikh religion and culture, preserving him from the ills and exploits of many deviations that have always consumed promising lives. One particular aspect about his Sikh culture caught the fancy of the enterprising young Sardaar, giving him a potent alley of expression of both his inherent desire and talent and one that carried him long toward a journey where was to make a name for himself on the lines of the culture in which he was born and raised. Sikhs are daring, devoted, hard-working and passionate family people whose success in whichever stream of life they wish to strive toward always carries an emphasis that highlights larger good for the Sikh community.

What makes Manjeet Singh special: the vibrant and loving “Turbanator”

While most love it, some come to confuse it and very few come to master it, Manjeet Singh from the earnest Ferozepur has now risen to heights of fame in the entirety of a Punjab on the cusp of vivid cultural and economic transformations by making a niche for himself in the art of “Turban tying”.

When he was in the Standard 6 at primary school, Manjeet commanded a special love for turban tying . Few would have gone on to foresee that the young one was to make his future in this art or talent. By the time he was 11, he was already in the midst of understanding this intricate and everyday cultural impediment of the Sikh way of life.

From being a child who harbored this special love for turban tying to being a master artist who effervescently ties turbans being ‘blind-folded’, Manjeet has earned a special place in the hearts of thousands of youngsters and adults in Punjab and elsewhere who see in his great art a passionate resonance of the spirit and vibe of their Punjab, the land of Bhangra.

Earning great praise and name for himself

Passion often flows and runs in the family. Young Manjeet was pushed to this hitherto unheard and relatively lesser known art form by his elder brother, Gurmeet Singh Ferozepuria.

Youngsters always are passionate observers who are moved to delight from early signs of encouragement. Manjeet whose brother used to tie his turban during those fun school days earned the smiles and charms of many who were impressed at its dashing style and fashion. This led Manjeet to dream big and look within, to search for even better and more promising ways of tying a turban. He was, after all impressed with the good wishes that people and fellow friends and family members showered on him.

He slowly started participating in many “Sikh turban tying competitions” that were held at his native village. He went and won many and in the process harbored a rich love which he effectively transformed into a life changing talent. Turban tying was to be his forte and main line of interest, one which would eventually win him accolades and smiles from his loved ones and those who respected his art and talent.

Eminent participations in many a event

Manjeet Singh has participated, won at and moved fans and spectators at prestigious competitions such as the 2012, 3rd Kabaddi World Cup. The event was staged at Guru Nanak Stadium, Ludhiana. Even the likes of the eminent Prakash S. Badal appreciated and applauded his great presentation to a packed audience at the events’ closing ceremony. Now a household name in Punjab, Manjeet further went on to be interviewed by many regional or local media such as television channels of Chardikala, PTC, Jagoo Punjab, MH1, Live Today, Day and Night Channel and many more.

Claiming a world record

Young Manjeet truly struck gold at this great art of turban tying in 2014, on the revered platform of Star Plus. On a game based show, “Aapka Star Aapka Shahar” Manjeet tied a person’s turban in precisely 59 seconds. This was to be a feat that was lauded on national television and earned the young Sardaar lots of praise that he richly deserved.

With such an amazing talent and a key sense of passion that makes him special and stand out in a divergent range of interest, Manjeet’s awe inspiring journey is special and deserves to be celebrated.

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